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Prayer Changes Things!

We have been discussing and joining with other organizations to pray against Sex Trafficking since the beginning of 2015.  We are encouraged that our prayers are being heard and are making a difference.  For there are no limits placed on the penetrating power of prayer to bring forth the will of God and set the captive free. The saints have been praying and law enforcement has been cracking down. Here are some recent highlights in the fight against Sex Trafficking:

A national coalition of local law enforcement agencies conducted a sting operation. Cumulative numbers from the ninth “National Day of Johns Arrests” campaign are as follows:

  • 23 sex trafficking/pimping arrests
  • 570 sex solicitation arrests (johns)
  • $341,330 in minimum fines
  • 408 johns arrested as a result of fake ads
  • 40 johns arrested as a result of fake Craigslist ads
  • 221 cars towed/forfeited from johns
  • 18 weapons seized from johns
  • 4 narcotics charges for johns
  • 83 victims recovered
    • 54 adults
    • 29 juveniles

Additional information can be found at these links:

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