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Kingmakers Gem: “God Values Women”

Excerpt from “Women Are Kingmakers” book

Women are undervalued by the culture, but not by God. The same One who gave man his purpose and value also gave it to woman. He said she’s a help capable for him.Women have the ability to add something to everyone because she makes others into something great—a she comes in contact with. I call her a Kingmaker great husband or daughter or whoever they are. There’s something God gave her that adds to what the man is.

A Kingmaker is a lifter. She carries people from her position of humility—her position of lowliness. She doesn’t carry people from above them but she carries them from beneath. She’s like Christ! There isn’t anything in the Kingdom of God that doesn’t relate to lifting. Even when you’re in a high position, you’re lifting others below you. That’s something Jesus does, and I want to honor those who are like Jesus.

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