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Kingmakers Gem: Fulfilled By God’s Purpose In You

When you seek to please God, you are motivated by a supernatural sense of His purpose, which is even stronger than just “feeling His presence.” God’s divine purpose gives you a lot more staying power. When you have a vision from God for your life and submit to it, His vision becomes a reality. God’s vision for you relates to your creative purpose.

As a woman, it is naturally important to please your congregation, your staff, your husband, your parents and children and others in your life, but sometimes you cannot satisfy any of them, no matter what you do.

Pleasing people can never give you the consistent sense of acceptance that you get from pleasing God. Only God can give you fulfillment. When you are fulfilled, you can bless others and make them feel fulfilled.

Excerpt from “Women Are Kingmakers” by Bishop Wellington Boone

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