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Keeping It Moving

Pastor Hunt PHXThe team and I just returned from Phoenix, Arizona for our first ever West Coast Conference… in a word…Awesome!  
Our speakers: Kristie Barnett Sexton, Dr. Gayle Rodgers, “Miss Joan” from the River, and our very own,  Lychellia Cheeks were all excellent; And last but definitely not least, the one and only, our Bishop Boone brought it home, absolutely “preached”!  What a time we had basking in the anointing.  Women were stirred to rediscover their gifts and to recall the destiny that God had revealed early on in their lives.  
The activation was apparent…We now have 12 new book clubs starting in Phoenix!  They are already talking about next year’s conference!  The team and I are thankful to God for all the lives that were changed in Phoenix including ours.  There’s no greater joy than doing the Will of God.  We were all encouraged to stay the course and not give up.  Fulfilling His Will is not without struggle.  The enemy isn’t  going to just rollover or move out of the way. We just have to stay focused on the prize and always remember–It’s not about us, it’s all about His Kingdom!
Forward Kingmakers!

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