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Here’s How To Trade Cup And Handle Patterns

These patterns are generally formed when the price action enters a consolidation phase during a pre-existing trend. During the consolidation phase, the trend appears to change; however, the continuation of the preceding trend is more probable. The pattern is completed when the price action breaks the resistance level formed by the peaks that form the rim of the Cup. The Cup is formed when a series of gentle declines in prices interrupts the uptrend and is followed by an advance to more or less that same level that was reached prior to the decline. This may take the shape of a bowl or a rounding bottom but should not be a V-shape as it should form a consolidation area or a significant support area. Ideally, this decline should retrace about 1/3 of the previous advance and no more than 2/3 of the advance.

cup handle chart

The pattern on the left is more complex as the cup pattern is wavy and harder to identify. The pattern on the right is more traditional, with a clear cup shape, followed by a handle breakout to the upside. The cup and handle pattern is an extremely valuable pattern that is easy to recognize once familiar with it. With proper planning of entry points, profit targets, and stop losses, a cup and handle pattern represents an excellent risk to reward ratio for smart traders. I show this as the blue line extending down from point A on the chart to the right.BuyBuy when price closes above the right cup rim .StopThe handle low is a good place to put a stop. Raise the stop as price rises.ThrowbacksThrowbacks hurt performance.Short handleStocks with handles shorter than the median 22 days show superior post breakout performance.

Cup And Handle Chart Pattern: How To Use It In Crypto Trading

Those that like them see the V-bottom as a sharp reversal of the downtrend, which shows buyers stepped in aggressively on the right side of the pattern. Opponents of the V-bottom argue that the price didn’t stabilize before bottoming, and therefore, the price may drop back to test that level. Ultimately, if the price breaks above the handle, it signals an upside move. Technical analysis focuses on market action — specifically, volume and price. Technical analysis is only one approach to analyzing stocks.

The cup has a soft U-shape, retraces the prior move for about ⅓ and looks like a bowl. After forming the cup, price pulls back to about ⅓ of the cups advance, forming the handle. Eurobond The full pattern is complete when price breaks out of this consolidation in the direction of the cups advance. The image below depicts a classic cup and handle formation.

A break at the resistance trend line is your signal to buy. The second opportunity to buy is a break above the high of the handle. Waiting for a break above the handle’s high is a more conservative approach, as you are seeking confirmation from the market that the price is hitting new highs. The cup and handle pattern cannot exist without a prior uptrend. As a result, the pattern is found frequently within the crypto market.

Anatomy Of A Cup

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  • This is used in conjunction with the Stocks Over Coffee Podcast on Technical Education Cup with Handles.
  • Noting key resistance at top#1 and top#2, speculators begin to initiate short positions.
  • Watch for price to hold the bottom of the upside down cup and form handle formation.
  • Charles is a nationally recognized capital markets specialist and educator with over 30 years of experience developing in-depth training programs for burgeoning financial professionals.
  • The pattern starts to form when there is a sharp downward price movement over a short time.

A diamond top formation is a technical analysis pattern that often occurs at, or near, market tops and can signal a reversal of an uptrend. The pattern ends when the handle reaches the cup and handle chart pattern same level as the highest point of the cup. If the resistance line at the top is broken, there is a good chance that a bullish breakout will ensue and the bullish trend will continue.

The risk and stop loss on the trade will be set at the low of the handle. This way, if the breakout fails and falls back below the handle’s low, then you can close out the trade at a small loss and move on to the next opportunity. An effective handle will drift lower, rather than trend lower.

How Much Does Trading Cost?

The ideal profit target for the Cup and Handle trading strategy would be equal to the same distance in price as measured from the initial Cup peak to the bottom of the Cup. At TSG, we believe the Cup and Handle is one of the most authentic continuation patterns. Unlike the bullish flag pattern, which is a continuation pattern, the Cup and Handle pattern takes a lot of time to develop. This shape can develop both in the short and long-term, ranging just from a few hours to a year. When many people trade the same security at the same time, the trend is more reluctant to change and vice versa.

cup handle chart

The stock then rebounds, testing the previous high resistance levels, after which it falls into a sideways trend. In the final leg of the pattern, the stock exceeds these resistance levels, soaring 50% above the previous high. This pattern is likely to appear when the market is in an indecisive phase as a rally pauses and consolidates. Buyers are taking a wait and see approach, but there is not enough selling volume to push the price to a deeper correction. The depth of the cup indicates the potential for a handle and subsequent breakout to develop. The pattern is similar in appearance to a coffee cup with a right-side handle, and indicates the potential for an uptrend.

As forex traders, we are constantly pressured to make profits that we sometimes lose sight of the importance of sticking to the trading plan or practicing proper risk management. A breakout is when the price moves above a resistance level or moves below a support level. After rallying 300% to begin 2021, Ethereum began consolidating the uptrend to form the cup.

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The stock broke out in October 2013 and added 90 points in the following five months. In cup and handles, as with other breakout setups, the price might make several false breaks and possibly reverse for a while. If the stops are too close, the trade can close on a loss, even if the breakout eventually goes in the right direction. The handle can trade at an angle or trade straight across.

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The handle can vary more in shape, but the downtrend should not retrace more than one-third of the gains at the end of the cup. In addition, a shorter and less severe downtrend during the handle is a good indicator that the breakout will be extremely bullish. Trading charts are a visual instrument some investors use to track the price of an asset over time, including most often stocks.

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There aren’t a lot of fancy indicators or technical tools needed to spot the pattern. At that point, the cup of the pattern was completed and the handle was about to begin. The pricing of the handle remained within the upper portion of the cup, so all of the necessary ingredients were present for a bullish breakout.

We will also look at an example of one of the best performing cup-with-handle formations recently. The cup and handle pattern starts with an uptrend, followed by a 30–50% correction. Use the Fibonacci retracement tool to measure out the previous uptrend, then look for the correction to retrace near the 30–50% zone. The inverted handle pattern forms Currency Risk when the asset emerges out and begins to fall from the right side of an inverted cup. However, a true inverted handle happens when it fails to break down and finally meets the support level and attempts to break to a newer low. One of the characteristics of the cup and handle pattern is that the handle must form within 10% of the old high.

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