Join a Bible StudyWomen Are Kingmakers is the book that launched this movement! Many women have benefitted over the years from personal bible study along with this book. We have created a curriculum which can be done in s small group or large group setting.

Designed to teach God’s original intent and highest purpose for women from a biblical worldview. Bible Studies create an opportunity for those called to teach/preach to exercise their gifts and callings. Bible Studies are based on the book, “Women Are Kingmakers” by Bishop Wellington Boone. The book is accompanied by resource materials, such as a workbook, handouts and instructor’s training guide.

Local bible studies are a vehicle through which the Movement will be expanded. Because these bible studies are based upon the book, they are suited to marketplace venues as well as the local church.


Kingmakers Bible Studies in the Church will be established through the training of pastors’ wives, women pastors or their designated elders, ministers or women’s ministry leaders in their churches. These Train-the Trainer meetings will be held in central locations that facilitate various church leaders from more than one state to meet together at one time and trainings will also be done on conference call and through webinars.

Connecting the clubs in various regions through Annual Kingmaker Conferences and Train-the Trainer Workshops and Kingmaker Bible Study Curriculum (presently in development) as well as outside speaking engagements (as requested) will sustain momentum and common direction to guide the Movement.

The purpose of Train-the-Trainer is to develop cohesiveness and a consistency among existing and future Local groups and bible studies so as to form the foundation of the Kingmaker Movement. Train-the-Trainer serves to establish uniformity in the Local groups content, and to some degree the structure, as well as the qualifications for Kingmaker Club facilitators.

Through Train-the-Trainer, the Kingmaker Clubs (both Church and Marketplace) in every region will be provided a curriculum that will target the same major themes and points to be drawn from each chapter of the text. Train-the-Trainer will also provide sample lesson plans for both the Church and the Marketplace modules that are designed for uniformity in content, but at the same time diversity in teaching styles and individual Local groups “personalities.”


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