Kingmakers is a movement of women, who are committed to making Jesus Christ King in the earth, first in their own lives, and then in their spheres of influence: the home, ministry, and the marketplace.

Kingmakers train and develop women to become better wives, mothers, and leaders in their community and to use their God-given ability and power of influence to make others great.

Who is a Kingmaker?

In every area of society, some women stand out from the crowd. They’re the women that people remember. They’re the women that people should listen to. They’re the wives, mothers, teachers and managers who helped others become what they are today. You don’t see the mom behind a person who becomes great, but she’s a Kingmaker, whether you see her or not. She’s under-acknowledged and under appreciated, but she’s a Kingmaker just the same.

When you meet her, it doesn’t take long to realize she’s the wife that every man wants. She’s the woman you want to manage your company. She’s the team player who helps you to win. You just love her integrity and her lack of manipulation. She doesn’t try to build her self-esteem at your expense because she receives her sense of value from Jesus. She knows God loves her, and that’s where she gets her self-worth.

For a Kingmaker, no task is too difficult; no sacrifice too great. She has an inner substance of life that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Our Team

Bishop Wellington Boone

For forty years, Bishop Wellington Boone has consistently responded to God’s calling on his life to celebrate families, train leaders, and reach the world. In addition to serving a local congregation, The Father’s House, he is the founder of several ministries including the Fellowship of International Churches (FOIC) and the...

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Pastor Eileen Hunt

Pastor Eileen Hunt is President of Kingmakers and has over 40 years of ministry experience, beginning on the college campus with the organization that she started, New Generation Campus Ministries, under Bishop Wellington Boone. She also founded Network of Politically Active Christian Women. She serves as the administrative pastor at...

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Annika Murray

Annika Murray is a certified Conference & Meeting Manager and owns her own business as an event planner. She has 25 years of ministry experience, beginning with campus ministry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and serves faithfully at her local church for years. She and her...

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