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5 Ways to Make Work Friends When Working Remotely

In the early days of the pandemic, almost every company tried to offload the stress of staying connected with structure. You know, “planned fun,” like the kind my friend and colleague Megan Greenwell discussed in a previous column. The dream was that if the company handled the arrangements, you’d all come and socialize. Depending on your company, it may have worked—for a while. Eventually the after-work video hangouts stopped, the after-work parties faded away, and the “come hang in a video call while we all work” meetings fell off the calendar. No one really likes planned fun, even if the people who plan it mean well. Everyone would rather just have that hour back on their schedules and let the fun happen organically.

  • Those who spent their time near their teammates were twice as likely to feel connected and energized.
  • On the other hand, working from home is a form of remote working, but it’s an option for those days when you decide not to commute to the office.
  • To investigate this, we engaged in an 18-month study of the Midwest division of a global technology corporation, “Cloudly” .
  • That means if you only ever interact at work, it’ll be hard to strengthen your bond.

If you’re working remotely for some, or all, of the time it’s just as easy to schedule online social events, such as virtual team lunches or a weekly book club. As a remote worker, you won’t have the same opportunities for spontaneous workplace interactions, so it’s especially important to put social events in the calendar. Like coffee breaks, lunch is another time when employees bond. Under normal circumstances, remote employees can meet coworkers for lunch in person .

Procrastinate productively

Your closest contacts may be clients, vendors, editors, artists, service providers or many types of other relationships. Start a remote work mentorship program within your organization. Anyone can virtually “drop in” and learn about this specialty or skill, with a Q+A session at the end.

  • As a team member, you need to reach out, then commit to spending some time with someone — whether that’s a virtual coffee or a friendly chat.
  • They also serve as a safe space for marginalized employees to voice their concerns and share their grievances.
  • COVID has shrunken many people’s circles, and relationships at work are now mostly impersonal Zoom calls where half your colleagues probably have their cameras turned off.
  • Working remotely should not be a reason to halt the connection and bond you have with your colleagues.
  • When we talk to someone online — even if it’s via an informal chat app — it’s tempting to say what you need to and no more.
  • Speak to your new teammates to learn more about the kinds of events your organization holds, and which ones would be the most useful or interesting for you to attend.
  • They’ll appreciate the thought and enjoy the non-work distraction.

As a new employee, it’s well worth getting to know your colleagues on an individual basis. Keep on top of your work from home life with these tips and ideas from our team to yours. Teams are made up of individuals, and they function best when each member is happy, healthy, and productive. These stories will show you how to grow your skills, make your own path, and become the how to make friends when you work from home best version of yourself. At Atlassian we encourage individuals to give team members kudos when they embody a specific trait from our company values. You may not have a budget for small gifts, and that’s okay. “Taking those few extra moments to talk to someone and ask a question or two about something they shared is an opportunity to get to know them better,” says Pizzica.

Schedule virtual lunch dates.

Think there may be other folks in your organization looking for outdoor volunteer opportunities? Start a Slack channel and invite anyone who’s interested to join. If your organization has any clubs, groups, or committees, now’s the time to get involved.

Ways to Make Work Friends When Working Remotely

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